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About HBI Chips

Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI) is an excellent type of DRI that has been compacted at a temperature more prominent than 650° C at time of compaction and has a thickness more noteworthy than 5,000 kilograms for every cubic meter (5,000 kg/m3).

HBI was created as an item so as to conquer the issues related with transportation and treatment of DRI – because of the procedure of compaction it is especially less permeable and hence particularly less receptive than DRI and does not experience the ill effects of the danger of self-warming related with DRI.

The rule advertise for HBI is electric circular segment heater (EAF) steelmaking, however HBI likewise discovers application as a trim coolant in fundamental oxygen heater (BOF) steelmaking and as impact heater feedstock.

HBI is electric circular segment heater (EAF) steelmaking,

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